Jean Marc Fellous

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Jean Marc Fellous


For many years, our press office has been imagining communication strategies and solutions for demanding brands – big names in fashion and luxury – all committed to various universes and causes.

Our press office is mainly made up of very connected young generation employees, who carry within them the causes and the commitment of the brands they support. They are all the more ready to invest themselves as they carry within them the desire to stimulate collective consciousness, to defend causes (environmental, societal, etc.) to the point of becoming authentic ambassadors for these brands.

For each client, we explore their universe and their commitments to build their reputation. We are developing tools allowing them to create their own identity and differentiate themselves, by surfing on current topics or for other less conventional ones, by adopting positions that break with current clichés.

This expertise and this tailor-made approach allow us to exploit the different sensitivities of the brands, to differentiate their speeches and their positioning and to give them power with their targets.

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