Jean Marc Fellous

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The office is made up of involved press officers, a dynamic digital team and a team dedicated to the Showroom. Our Open-Space favors collaborative working methods facilitating the exchange and fluidity of information.

Our Press Officers have several years of expertise and an up-to-date address book. Beyond our profession, our passion for fashion and its industry will always be at your disposal to achieve your own goals.

  •  Jean-Marc Fellous, Founding President
  •  Aurélie Uzan-Lacoste, Executive Director
  •  A Team of Press Officers
  •  An e-rp team
  •  A Shopping and Merchandising Manager

Jean-Marc Fellous


Jean-Marc Fellous is the 23-year-old manager of a shoe store. He quickly realizes the influence that the press has on the notoriety and sales of a product.

Little by little, he transformed his store into a showroom and very quickly obtained his first cover in Elle magazine. A vocation has just been born, an office too!

He criss-crosses the newsrooms where his versatility is appreciated. Both adviser and press officer, he is devoted to his brands, never gives up and creates a style and a spirit that will influence the profession. Quite naturally, a large number of brands are not mistaken and trust the team he leads to this day.

Since 1990, a story of passion and loyalty...


Directrice générale

Après des études de droit et de communication, ses premiers stages dans des bureaux de presse mode lui permettent de tester ses atouts et surtout de s’épanouir dans cet univers où tout naturellement elle trouve sa place. Si on lui demande qui sont ses modèles, Aurélie ne sait répondre sinon que son modèle pourrait s’apparenter à une ‘femme orchestre’. Orchestrer avec rigueur une stratégie de communication presse qui intègre de nombreux outils, dans l’objectif de valoriser l’image des marques dont elle s’occupe.

Orchestrate and control a press campaign because it perfectly integrates the role and mechanics of the media, and their digital transformation, the codes of which it quickly masters. The modern vision of her profession and her relationships with influencers, her interpersonal skills are all assets that allow her to boost her efficiency for the benefit of the brands she deals with. Orchestrate a staging because the image is at the heart of communication: whatever the format and the desired influence, whether it is structuring a showroom or setting up a large format event, its objective remains the same, be daring, know how to anticipate trends to make an impression.

Orchestrate and imagine the most improbable partnerships, a bold approach mastered to create surprise and arouse curiosity. In short, all these assets, knowing how to listen, decipher, and target, Aurélie puts them to the benefit of each client by drawing inspiration and nourishment from their DNA. His goal ? Bring both the rigor of advice, the originality of a creation and ensure that each client has a strong image, allowing him to stand out and increase his development.


La force du bureau de presse Jean-Marc Fellous, c’est la fidélité. Nous travaillons sur le long terme avec les marques que nous représentons, depuis plus de 20 ans pour certaines. Et si la fidélité est au rendez-vous, c’est pour une seule et même raison : nous mettons tout en œuvre pour donner à nos clients un maximum de visibilité.

The availability

We put the relationship with our customers at the heart of our working method. This is based in particular on great availability and permanent dialogue. For each of our clients, we set up a personalized follow-up.